Nico's in-game Moderator application

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Nico's in-game Moderator application Empty Nico's in-game Moderator application

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Position Wanting:

In-game Mod

Time Spent Online (found in-game):

Contact Information:

Skype: Perus_Nico i come sometimes skype

Reason for applying:

The reason I am applying for In-Game Moderator is simple, I miss being part of the team. I loved being mod in the past. I regret resigning over the stupid thing I did resign over. I see now that the team is working together and it is something I want to be part of again.

Reason for wanting this position:

The reason I want to become an in-game moderator is there is a large amount of scams, bugs and other things in-game that people are abusing. I hate abusers and glitchers, I would love to be part of the team and have the power to handle such players. There is also a large amount of player and we could use the extra experienced staff on the team.

Reasons on how you could help vilexscape

This is the question i'm going to spend a large amount of time on. The reason I am a better choice than other members is that I have one of the largest background of dragon server's I have been here forever and I have a very large knowledge of Runescape and RSPS. This will benefit the server because I will be able to help and make players happy. I know the rues very well and know how to handle players who break them. and I know how each position works. I can handle any issue a player could have in-game, and a good portion of issues on the forums (even though not applying for forums). I spend around 15-20 hours a week on the server at the present time. I have been inactive the past few months due to thing IRL. I now am back full time and will be here everyday to help players. I know how to do every skill and could help newer players to the best of my ability. I know prices and could tell you the price of any item. My large knowledge allows me to help any player with any issue. That's why I should be chosen as an In-game mod.

Personal information (not required):

My name is Nico been here since the start.


If you actually read this application


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