Mekzi's in game Moderator application.

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Mekzi's in game Moderator application. Empty Mekzi's in game Moderator application.

Post  Mekzi on Wed Mar 13, 2013 6:43 pm

Ben - Mekzi



Position Wanting:

In-game Mod

Contact Information:

Skype: imKirbs (Always on skype)

Reason for applying:

The reason I am applying for In-Game Moderator is easy. I want to apply because I believe I can make vilexscape a larger and wider community. Also , I have previous places where I was a moderator / admin. I was head admin on a server called "Runesource" and Co owner on a server called "Overload-x"

Reason for wanting this position:

The reason I want to become an in-game moderator is because I would like to help all players around the server. Also , I want to make sure no one has arguments with others or trash talks any other players.

Reasons on how you could help vilexscape

I believe I could help Vilexscape because I have past work with being a moderator / administrator and I would make sure that vilexscape would be a better place. There would be no scamming and if there was they would be dealt with immediately. Also , I think that I could bring in more players for the server. I know a wide variety of people on skype who play runescape private servers and they would love to join!



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